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Authors include novelist Max Cossack, who can't help noticing, "Today's headlines are ripped from the pages of my novels!"

Growing up, Max nursed a burning desire to live his life out as an old-time mountain man, but all the best mountains were already overbuilt with condos. Instead, Max worked in factories, steel yards, music and gunsmithing. When he got tired of one job--which happened a lot--he just moved on to the next.

Then he met a guy who writes novels for a living. It didn't take Max long to notice the guy worked only four hours a day, made decent money, and spent the rest of his time doing whatever he wanted.

That seemed nice, so Max decided he should write novels himself, figuring he could just make up stuff during the four hours he writes. Then to make good use of his leisure, he could draw on his vast experience as a layabout and ne'er-do-well.

Max now spends part of his new free time thinking up stories about things he loves and plotting against big institutions he despises.

For example, he loves America, good music regardless of style, and good food in large quantities. Also small smart-aleck women and big loud-mouthed men.
He despises big institutions that push people around, whether the institutions are governments or private corporations or some especially obnoxious combination of both. (You know who they are.)

Max also loathes the politicians and media hacks who lie on behalf of these bullies and adores those among us who push back.

Since lying by omission is often the bullies' go-to form of dishonesty, Max especially likes to write into his novels the realities the liars intentionally ignore.

Max doesn't delude himself into believing his novels will make a huge difference, but any nudge in the right direction is worth the effort. That's why he writes about people who get fed up and fight back. Even if some of these wonderful people are only figments of Max's imagination, all of us--even Max himself--can learn from their example.
Ammo Grrrll - Thoughts From The Ammo Line

After 30 years in standup comedy and motivational speaking, in 2010, Susan Vass retired with her husband Joe, AKA novelist, Max Cossack, to a Dusty Little Village in Arizona. Having moved from a social circle where almost NO ONE either owned a gun or even approved of having a gun – to a state where EVERYONE owned multiple guns, usually carried one, and spoke of them lovingly, Max decided it was time to learn to shoot. He found an excellent teacher who emphasized safety and accuracy and he became a very good shot with practice, practice, practice.

AG assumed that the most expensive part of a gun hobby was going to be the guns. But AG was wrong! The guns were a fixed cost; the ammo was a relentless and ongoing cost. (But still much cheaper than golf!) Worse yet, the hobby was begun during the infamous Obama Ammo Drought (2010-2016). It became her job to stand in line at the various emporiums (Walmart chief among them at that time), sometimes for three or four hours at a time, to secure the scarce ammo when it was put on the shelves. She turned out to be very good at standing in lines.

Often the only woman in those lines, she acquired the nickname of Ammo Grrrll. It became, in short, a QUEST.

In the hundreds of hours over hundreds of mornings in line, she developed a whole new set of friends and acquaintances, many ex-military. It was like going to Weapons College, only without the calisthenics or 20-mile hikes. Eventually, she too was bitten by the bug and started to target shoot. She, also, turned out to be pretty good at it.

One day, in 2014, after she had accumulated quite a storehouse of tales from the ammo line, she contacted an old friend with a right-of-center blog to see if he might be interested in a little weekly column about her experiences. Three minutes later, her “spec” column appeared in print and Ammo Grrrll was a columnist. At this writing she has accumulated those columns into 5 books, and 2 more should be on the way soon. She writes for Power Line blog every Friday about politics, the culture war, the “good old days” – she is a geezer, so, yeah – and, still occasionally, guns. Once in a while, there are even recipes.

Her hobbies are target shooting, cooking, entertaining, long road trips, and writing.