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Like most of us, Hack Wilder is just trying to get along. His is a turbulent life. He’s got his off-the-grid best friend Gus Dropo (a good man to have at your back in a scuffle); the famous attorney Sam Lapidos and his Mauritanian-American partner Jacob Laghdaf (it’s always handy to know a good lawyer); and Hack’s daughter Sarai (precocious, but not in an irritating way); as well as both a wife and an ex-wife.

One wild adventure comes right after another. No matter how hard these folks try to avoid it, they keep bumping into petty bullies, powerful authoritarians, and sometimes even ruthless killers.

Suspenseful, action-packed, sometimes moving, often laugh-out-loud funny, always PC-indifferent, this is the saga of The Wilder Bunch.

What Readers Say 

 “Admire this fine writing ability. The characters are so real in this book, I think I know them! Cossack mixes humor with skillful plot and character development better than any other.”

 “Max Cossack is a funny, brilliant writer…Max has that rare ability to keep each book as a standalone while still making it part of a series.”

“Cossack keeps on keeping on--good book after good book.”

"The funniest political writer in decades"

 “Max Cossack: wotta find!”

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